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British Glass & Aluminum is specialist in the region in all fields of architectural and interior Decorations.

Our Glass company in Dubai has Specialty in Architectural glass ,façade glasses ,glass partitions, shower enclosures ,soundproof  Aluminum /Upvc windows and doors , Full exterior glass cabin with Glass walls & Glass roof, Decorative Mirrors, Bifold doors, Sliding telescopic Doors, movable partition, Glass blocks installation,  gypsum partition , flooring ,painting , ceiling work  and vast range of  technical services.

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To be the most esteemed in the glass company in Dubai for delivering top-class, innovative glass products in a timely manner, with the best quality and in an increasingly strengthened, widened and respected presence on the world map.

As a pioneer in architectural glass coatings in the UAE, our Mission is to increase market penetration in the Gulf and beyond through a flexible approach to diversification and product development in line with Dubai Investments’ mission to facilitate further investments and a platform for continuous growth.

From designing your interior to framing the marine industry we are one of the leading Glass Company in Dubai who manufactures glass, aluminum goods, and stainless steel. We are different from our contemporaries as we not only cater to our customers but also take the best care of our employees. We know that our employees are the base of our success; therefore, it is our responsibility to create a hazard-free working environment where they can work safely and secured. We are capable to handle all type of glassworks to emphasize on the client satisfaction. We are the one of the best glass company in Dubai and have a professional attitude in business dealings. BGA is the popular glass company in Dubai who take special care to fulfill the legal requirement.

They say excellence comes from experience and in the Glass Company in Dubai; we are trying to prove them right. We have passed several milestones of perfection.

Starting our journey from architectural and leading to interior glasswork, it took us to a platform where we have begun providing our services to marine and ocean vessels. We have excellent clarity in our glasses and goal, which has made us the leading manufacturer of the aluminum, glass, and stainless steel.

Our services don’t end at the manufacturing stage as we provide installation facility to ensure that the piece of our excellence has been fixed correctly.

Today, one can observe the level of our quality in the most reputed restaurants, hotel chains and other architectural marvels in the Gulf region. We extend our care and concern to our employee and provide them with a safe and hazard-free working environment so that they can deliver excellent services with a smile on their face.

In recent years, we have claimed more fame by offering superior quality of marine vessels supplied for potholes, observational panels, waterproof windows, and doors.

BGA is one of the leading art glass, glass handling and hardware companies across the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in the excellent standard and reliable quality that we’ve maintained across the years.

We have been providing glass from storefronts to home fronts, both the interior and exterior, wherein our expertise covers large scale windows, domes, skylights to smaller scale wall mirrors, shower enclosures and handrails. With the use of high quality machinery, we offer a wide range of glass techniques including stained glass, sandblasting, fusing, back painting to digital screen printing. Our intricate detailing includes sliding, folding and automatic sliding glass doors.

BGA’s line of glass processing machinery includes double straight edging machines, straight beveling shape machines, vertical drilling equipment, glass washing and cutting machines, vertical insulating and glass lifting equipment.

BGA stands in the top among the Glass manufacturing companies in UAE. We have glass manufacturing, glass partition services in Dubai, UAE. Our vision is to create the best glass interior designs that are contemporaries. We are popular among glass partition companies in Dubai for our professional attitude in services. Also, we are well known among glass manufacturing companies for our perfection in designs and making skills.

As market leader in the architectural glass company in Dubai. BGA has many achievements to its credit assisting contractors in the UAE to meet the ever increasing demands in terms of quality; energy saving and aesthetics.

BGA has the capacity to engineer its products to suit specific applications or requirements, this being suitably proven through many outstanding architectural achievements in the Gulf, the Middle East and Internationally With access to forty other companies in the group, whose expertise covers the breadth of the construction industry, BGA truly has an enviable position as an Architectural glass processor to the construction industry.

BGA set out to become a major entrepreneurial and business force. Many international corporations were waiting on the doorstep to share in the expansion of the area and companies were approached and encouraged by BGA to be part of the exciting business developments. BGA’s extensive experience of conducting business in the Gulf has led to major activity in the areas of manufacturing, contracting, project development, overseas investment and distribution.

The successful implementation of a state-of-the-art glass horizontal tempering and heat strengthening plant, automated insulating glass line and integrated computerized cutting line, complemented by the most advance horizontal and vertical edge-treatment facilities available has established BGA as the prime specialist supplier and processor in the UAE.

BGA provides unique glass partition styles that improve the workplace environment and offer an advanced ambiance. It’s time to say goodbye to old, boring, and dull wall divisions & say hello to new, elegant, and stylized glass wall partitions. As a glass partition company in Dubai, our focus lies in increasing the space of your home or office by eradicating visual obstacles and taking care of sound and privacy. We modify glass partitions in an effective manner by creating the perfect soundproof environment for an office. Besides that, we also invest time in creating innovative colorful contrasts and back paint transparent glass partitions.  is the UAE’s emerging website for office and glass partitions in Dubai.

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