Glass handrail works in Dubai

Glass Balustrade in Dubai

Build Powerful and Beautiful Live Spaces

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai Extend the view of your home with glass Balustrade. These thick glass panels are built to last in order to keep your family safe. Aside the benefits, it adds aesthetic beauty to your home, making it adorable.

Are you thinking of fixing your balcony, stairway or upper floor with a high quality glass Balustrade? Do you want an easy-to-install glass balustrade? You want something adaptable to 2D, 3D bends and straight forms? At BGA, we have more than 15 different glass balustrade systems you can choose from. The good thing about us is, our entire glass balustrades are pocket-friendly. Whatever your budget and installation needs, there is a perfect glass balustrade for you.

British Glass Company offers , Whether it is a small family home, hotel, even an international airport, we have everything in stock with stringent safety requirements.

Modern Glass Stair Railings

Glass handrail works in Dubai

Create Stunning Glass Stair Railings

It doesn’t matter what your project is; family home, stadium, airport, British Glass company  have you covered. We make it easy to create stunning glass railings. We have many options for indoor and outdoor settings.

We have well-designed and engineered cap rails, handrails and railing bases. We cover both fascia and top installation.

Balconies Baluster RailingsDubai Glass handrail works

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai to give your stairway, balcony or atrium a distinguished look

To make your balcony, stairway or atrium a center of attraction, British Glass Company offers Glass Balusters railing is your best choice. Whatever forms of design you want is available (round or square).

You can decide on if you want bars, cables, glass or web for the infills. We provide hassle free and quick installation. Our work do not necessarily require welding. In just few hours, your project space is transformed.

Glass handrail work dubaiGlass Railing Dubai

Your Single Source for Glass Railing Design & Fabrication

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai offers View rail is here to empower you to turn your design vision into reality with glass railing. We work collaboratively with you through the design process, showing you 3D renderings of your project. And when it comes to fabrication, we supply both the hardware and the glass panels, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

Buying a glass panel railing all begins with one thing: your vision. You may have an exact drawing of how you want your glass railing to look or you might need some suggestions. Send us your sketches, plans, or pictures and we will work with you to provide a 2D & 3D rendering of your project, a pricing estimate, and a meeting with one of our glass experts to review your design. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple the project is, our designers will be happy to show you options and help you make the best decision for your project.

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai gives after the design is finalized and we’ve gotten the measurements necessary, our team of engineers will go to work. The layout drawing our engineers create details where all of your mounting structures (posts, glass pins, biserial, talon spigots, etc.) and glass panels will be installed in the given environment. Occasionally, there will be some back and forth during this stage, and you can help expedite the process through quick responses and clear communication with your project coordinator. Once you confirm that the engineering drawings match your project, engineering is complete and you’ll move into fabrication.

Dubai Glass handrailBritish Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai All of your mounting hardware will be individually packaged with a number that corresponds to your layout drawing, just like the glass panels. This dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for organizing materials on the job site and lets you jump into the installation much quicker. Installation instructions will be sent with your order. Each mounting system has slightly different installation instructions, but a good rule of thumb is to budget 1 person hour for each glass panel on your order. So if you have a team of 3 people installing a project with 15 glass panels.

Glass handrail dubaiFloating Stairs Dubai

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai With clean lines, uncompromising materials, and expert craftsmanship, your FLIGHT system will be the centerpiece of your home and leave every visitor speechless. Best of all, due to our scale of manufacturing and world-class automation, we can deliver FLIGHT floating stair systems more affordably than a local fabricator. Get in touch with us today and begin your FLIGHT journey, or learn more about floating stairs.

Floating stairs make a stunning use of space. The sleek, soaring lines of the open riser are a hallmark of modern stair design, and they’ll make your room feel open and light. Custom-designed and built completely up to code, these single stringer stairs will last for years to come. Better yet, View rail floating stairs are among the most competitively priced on the market.

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai gives each component of your View rail mono stringer staircase arrives at your jobsite labeled, packaged, and ready to be bolted together — like a floating stair kit. There’s no need to hire a welder on-site. The entire open riser system can be installed in a short amount of time, at a low cost, and with tons of customizable options.

Glass handrail in DubaiGlass Railing Post System Dubai

The classic posts you’ve come to love, but with a twist. Our Glass Railing Post System provides all of the reliability and familiarity of our Cable and Rod railing systems. They’re highly customizable, easy to install, and strong enough to handle whatever nature throws at them.

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai. This system involves metal posts that have mechanically fastened glass clips that hold the glass in place. The posts need to be placed within four feet of each other. Most of these posts have a handrail bracket at the top where wooden or metal handrail can be attached—which most closely resembles standard railing systems. This category also includes shorter metal posts that can be used in conjunction with glass panels to create barrier glass.

Glass handrail worksGlass Railing Talon Spigots

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai gives the tiny yet mighty Glass Panel Railing system. Glass railing Spigots, or talon spigots, are special clamps that grab onto the bottoms of your glass panels and keep them safe and secure. Installation is a breeze with Tilt-Lock technology that offers two degrees of adjustability after installation.

These clamp glass panels in place and keep them there through patented tilt-lock technology. Talon spigots can either be surface mounted or side mounted onto projects. Two spigots are able to hold up each four foot panel of glass.

Glass Standoff Pins

Side-mounted railing elevated to a whole new level. Don’t let their small size fool you: Standoff Pins may be small—just 2” in diameter—but they’re just as strong as other glass railing systems. Their innovative design keeps your panels in place by compressing the space between the glass and the pin itself, allowing for a high level of adjustability during install.

latest Glass handrail works in Dubai

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai Viewrail glass standoff pins weigh 4 pounds and use a threaded bolt to compress the space between the glass and the pin itself. They can easily be bolted onto or recessed into the sides of treads for a polished look. Each of these glass railing styles involves metal systems that are made out of only the most corrosion-resistant material: 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel. This is the metal that is used on deep sea oil rigs. And now also on your glass railing standoffs.

Glass Base Rail

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai offers Clean lines and clear views. Glass Base Rail systems utilize a sleek, simple metal shoe-like channel to mount glass panels along their bottom edge. The shoe mount glass railing of Base Rail features our exclusive Tilt Lock Technology, allowing you to align your glass exactly where you need it. In addition, the shoe mount systems are so sturdy; you don’t even need to add a handrail. It’s easy to see why base Rail glass is the epitome of modern minimalism.

my dubai Glass handrail works

The base rail is available in lengths from 2’ to 14’6” (at all 6” intervals in-between), which gives the latitude to work with varying size constraints.

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai. The glass base rail system is one of two glass railing configurations (the other being talon spigots) that use the patented tilt lock technology. Tilt lock is an innovative technology that greatly helps with the installation of glass panels. Normally, in order to install a base rail like this, the installer would have to grout both sides of the glass panels in-between the outer rubber channels in order to make the glass panels sit perpendicular to the ground. They would also have to use grout to align the glass panels with one another. Tilt lock takes the human error out of this process.

Glass Railing Handrail

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai. With so many choices, it’s simple to find the right glass handrail for you. For a classic look, you can choose metal handrail in either a sleek rectangular shape or an elegant 2” round profile.

For harsh exterior conditions, look at the Endurance Series handrail in two profile sizes. If you need to turn a corner, check out the mitered handrail. It’s jointed at a 45 degree angle on both ends and uses brackets to attach to the wall.

For indoor projects, browse the 6002 handrail, made from one solid piece of wood. Or the timeless Mission-style handrail — a simple design for any interior project. The Beverage handrail comes in a wide 4” shape with plenty of functional space.

Glass handrail works in Dubai uae

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai. Finish Options Choose a brushed stainless finish for either indoor or outdoor projects. The finish removes the shine from the metal, so it won’t reflect harsh outdoor light, but it retains its metallic luster.

Powder coating your handrail is another great option. Once you’ve chosen your profile, select from a variety of finish options. Most handrails are available in a clear finish, but they also come in charcoal, hunter green, light blue, and several other choices — so you can choose the exact finish for you.

British Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai. Style Choices Metal handrail is the perfect choice for outdoor projects — or classic indoor looks. Check out a variety of wood handrail options for indoor projects — or Endurance series wood handrail for outdoor ones. You can also order in round or square profiles, depending on your style preference.  is the UAE’s emerging website for office and glass partitions in Dubai.

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