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Sliding glass doors in Dubai

We as a Sliding Door Company in Dubai manufactures interior glass door solutions for the home and office and provides them factory direct to you. We have become the industry trendsetter in fabricating beautiful glass doors, room dividers, barn doors, swing doors and more. We attribute our stable growth to our high standards of quality and the contribution by our innovative, creative team. We as a Sliding Door Company in Dubai Our objective has always been to provide inspiring, state-of-the-art interior doors that are functional and optimize the available floor space. We solve space planning challenges and turn your dreams into reality. We continue to aim to earn your trust through our products, top notch customer service and building to your specific project’s requirements. We as a Sliding Door Company in Dubai We build interior door solutions specifically to meet your project’s requirements.

Sliding glass doors in DubaiThe best series of our sliding doors is capable of reaching a thermal transmittance coefficient thus achieving the most restrictive levels of thermal insulation. Thanks to this, we as a Sliding doors supplier in Dubai provide maximum thermal comfort is guaranteed in your home or business, without increasing your energy bill and reducing the carbon footprint.

The Best Approach for getting the customers & fulfilled their requirements without any hesitation. We as a Sliding doors supplier in Dubai provide the best services in town for you to fulfill all of your requirements. The best thing about us that we are the only industry that can make many of the best projects to our happy clients & they will easily be your permanent customers by taking the best services from. We are having a unique approach for your business that takes your business to the next level we as a Folding doors supplier in Dubai & we provide many successful services to our clients. We have a complete range of variety of the following best products which are the best top-notch folding doors in Dubai, Framed folding doors which features sliding capability. We as a Folding doors supplier in Dubai We are dealing with the Bi-fold Series, Glass Works, Pergola Dubai, and Skylight Dubai which are the most likely style in Dubai as well as U.A.E what are the benefits of the bi-fold series doors in Dubai to be used for.

Sliding glass doorsWhy you should choose Bi-fold Folding Doors for Industrial / Commercial / Home Villa in DUBAI

    We as a sliding doors supplier in Dubai The sliding series are of the best option to choose as it offers great features it helps to remove boundaries between the people.

    The sliding doors are very customizable & they can be used in various environments as well.

    The sliding doors are very energy efficient & you won’t pay to many bills for that also..!!!

    The sliding doors are made up of long-lasting Aluminum as it is a long-lasting material which also increases your house durability s well. Sliding Doors in Dubai UAE

    Framed sliding Door

Sliding doors in Dubai

    Frameless Folding Door

    Framed Slide & Park Door

    Frameless Slide & Park Door

    Framed Pivot Door

    Frameless Pivot Door

    Stackable / Moveable Walls

    Automatic sliding doors

Sliding glass doors DubaiWe as sliding a doors supplier in Dubai By installing the sliding it will be able to enlighten your house as well as of your office. So make sure that you don’t forget to install these doors without wasting further time as well

Now the big thing is to remember its space taking. The big advantage of installing this that it takes less space & you would easily be selecting these doors that take up this door to be installed with.

Why you should choose Glass Works For Your Four Squared Room?

Dubai Sliding glass doorsA glass door has great importance for being chosen so you have to decide that by using the glass doors to be deal with. We as a sliding doors supplier in Dubai It’s the best doors that if you install this you can come into a modern era as well. It will not take much space & you would be able to get the best benefit from installing these glass doors that will able to make yourself a smarter look by installing this Glass Door. It would be defiantly a great option for installing this glass door so you can have a great appealing look as well. It would suit your business. Now if you want to know about the best sliding doors, then we will also have option grade for you which is the Pearl w option. Now, this is the famous sliding door option in the UAE as well so what you have to do is to just select this option. And it would be great it would look very elegant and it features a very elegant design as well so all you have to do is to just pick this up, which is the best design as well. Now if you want to know about the best folding doors, then we will also have option grade for you which is the Pergola Dubai option. . And it also shows the ability and very greatness in it. Most of the brains and the people that are living in Dubai love this design very much. So we as a sliding doors supplier in Dubai aim the thing is you have to pick the design that would be suitable for you too. And this design is very famous in the Gulf countries as well. And We as a sliding doors supplier in Dubai maybe your next prefer like this design would be the best for you as well so all you have to do. It would be very nice & after selecting these doors you would take.

Thermal Efficiency

Sliding glass doors worksOur folding doors keep you warm when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot. With a certified U value of approximately 1.3 W / (m2K) *, we exceeded the British construction standards by 27%. This gives you more design flexibility for larger projects, keeps your energy bills low and helps you stay green! Our inflexible design incorporates the most advanced thermally separated and weather resistant seals, and our locking mechanisms provide maximum compression for greater weather resistance. Of course, our folding doors comply with British standards. Our Sliding Door Company in Dubai doors have been tested with triple glazing instructions L1 and L2.

Sliding glass doors in Dubai uaeA double door can accommodate all tastes, applications and building requirements. There are more than 100 opening types, including: opening inwards, opening outwards, stacking to the left, stacking to the right and stacking on both sides. Opening configurations from 2 panels to 7 panels in both directions. Nothing is more important than safety and comfort in your home. That’s why we designed it for all Sliding Door Company in Dubai. Our double-leaf door has a special “finger guard” seal between each blade, leaving no room for small fingers, even when the flaps are fully folded and completely open. , It prevents wind gusts from breaking due to strong magnetic retention that holds the door in place. The low discharge threshold drastically reduces the likelihood of tripping and falling, while the hidden sliding under frame prevents small fingers from being trapped. In general, Sliding Door Company in Dubai a unique combination of security features.

Safe and secure

Sliding glass in DubaiWith 25mm deep safety hooks is the biggest commitment in the market today and the castle offers the best in safety and weather protection Sliding Door Company in Dubai. The weakest point of a locking system is often the cylinder. Our combination of solid gray cast iron Yale handles with heavy-duty mounting bolts and a UAE Magnum safety cylinder proven to protect against breakage, pitting, drilling and bending provides proven defenses. We as a Sliding  doors supplier in Dubai Our unique locking solution with vertical locking complete the full contingent of outstanding security features. A stainless steel front plate and a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years guarantee a long life and resistance to all elements. The hinges of a door are often overlooked as a weak safety factor. This is not the case with our two-winged doors designed for attacks and offers limited options to the determined invaders. We as a sliding doors supplier in Dubai The strength and integrity of the door profile itself is also essential. That’s why we’ve worked hard to find the right balance of size, strength and aesthetics to produce aesthetically pleasing door models while meeting the highest standards Safety.Service Sliding glass doors in Dubai  is the UAE’s emerging website for office and glass partitions in Dubai.

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