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Glass partition in Dubai

We do Glass partitions in Dubai, UAE. Our highly experienced installation teams do frameless glass partition from 6 mm thick tempered glass panels to 19mm thick clear glass panels.

We also do wide range of glass partition in Dubai of custom-made profiles as per client request like soundproof glass partition / acoustic glazing, double glazed framed partition. Jumbo size shop fronts, crystal clear glass shop fronts with different designs.

Dubai Glass partitionGlass partitions or (glass partition walls) are high-quality, non-load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. … As a building material, this interior glass allows designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion.

Structurally, glass partition walls offer a number of additional advantages over traditional walls or barriers in Dubai. BGA Glass partitioning walls are customizable in shapes and sizes, they are movable, they are easy maintenance, and they offer excellent sound insulation for maximum privacy.

BGA offers a number of finishes for varying degrees of opacity and privacy. Etched glass, patterned glass or fire molded glass partitioning walls offer plenty of light to transfer through while still providing enough privacy to maximize productivity. BGA design also offers carved glass textures or fire-polished glass techniques in addition to etched or carved glass allowing for custom logos and designs to be added to your glass partition wall systems.

Frameless glass partitions make a great addition to any office, you may be looking to create meeting rooms, additional offices or just form divisions within your offices, and these are all options that can be created easily and quickly through the installation of glass partitions. is the UAE’s emerging website for office and glass partitions in Dubai.

Glass partition SERVICE DubaiWe are specialists in the supply and installation of all types of office and glass partition systems ranging from all solid and part glazed partitions to full height single & double glazed glass walls in Dubai.

Our extensive range can be used to create stylish, modern and functional office interiors. Our products are specifically designed to suit all budgetary requirements whether seeking a low cost solution or a high end specification.

At BGA we understand the needs of every individual. Whether you are looking for glass partitioning in-home or at the office, we provide a tailored solution. We are open to discuss your requirements and our design engineers will quote you the best price in town.

Use our basic layouts, with your dimensions, to create simple rooms, or create a full floor level or buildings worth of glass partition in Dubai! Experiment with BGA’s different layouts to create a cost-effective and elegant design. You can mix and match different types of Glass walls, including Glass doors, and the exact door positions can be confirmed at a later stage.

Dubai Service Glass partitionWe have manufacturing facilities in Dubai and are well experienced in the glass partitions industry. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and beautifully designed glass partitions and doors which exude quality in every state of UAE. BGA is wholly dedicated to helping our clients create effective and innovative workspaces in some of the UAE’s most iconic buildings.

Standard Single Glazed Frameless Partitioning in Dubai.

This partition is quoted with the following details:

– Includes professional on-site survey/measure and full installation

– New single glazed “Frameless” glass partitioning.

– Layout: Inline Wall/Partition

– To be installed on the Ground Floor.

– Standard DDA Dots or Squares Film Manifestation.

– To comply with Building Regulations, we include the supply and application of basic filmed manifestation in opal frost film from either 2 rows of: 50mm diameter dots or 50mm squares.

Glass partition work in DubaiOur objective is to bring premium service, product performance and build quality to a market that for too long had settled for something less. Internationally, what makes BGA so unique is the fact that we operate completely independently and require no third party assistance. This allows us to stay true to our values whilst proudly working with all members of the local and international design communities.

Office glass partition combines simplicity with flexibility for any business. We offer frameless glass sliding office doors as well as framed aluminum in Dubai.  Curtains fabrics glass design ideas are among the most popular office or room dividers and glass partition in Dubai.

Wall glass partition are customize-able in size, shapes, movable and easy maintenance as well as maximum sound insulation.

Glass partition serviceWe understand the needs of every office or individual for glass partition, whether you are looking for office glass partition in Dubai, glass partition in Dubai.

Office glass partition in Dubai is very often used for all type of business offices because glass has itself great feature as mentioned below.

– Great Look

– Covered Less Space

– Easy to clean all the Sides

– Transparent Atmosphere

– Natural Illumination

Dubai Glass partition serviceBGA provides unique glass partition styles that improve the workplace environment and offer an advanced ambiance. It’s time to say goodbye to old, boring, and dull wall divisions & say hello to new, elegant, and stylized glass wall partitions. As a glass partition company in Dubai, our focus lies in increasing the space of your home or office by eradicating visual obstacles and taking care of sound and privacy. We modify glass partitions in an effective manner by creating the perfect soundproof environment for an office. Besides that, we also invest time in creating innovative colorful contrasts and back paint transparent glass partitions.

Great Collection of Glass Partitions in Dubai

Glass partition DubaiWe are here to serve your requirements and bring about pleasant and effective changes to your space. The transparent glass wall provides a large range of options that can totally transform your office or home. Choose a glass room design from our office glass partition Dubai collection and transform your office or any space. The glass will light up your space with clear visuals and give a sentiment of receptiveness, while simultaneously accomplishing space and sound control. We offer an extraordinary scope of frameless and framed glass along with an opaque component for privacy walls.

Framed Glass Rooms and Office Glass Partition Dubai

Glass partition in DubaiOur framed glass rooms will create zones in your office that ensure better privacy in terms of sound. Not only this but the closed areas of your office will gain flexibility and look more expansive too. We only work with the best quality of glass to build these and install it with the utmost care and safety.  is the UAE’s emerging website for office and glass partitions in Dubai.

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